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We were blown away by the amount of Skiologists taking part in our Anniversary Skiology quiz. So time for the results! 17% got 2 answers wrong and 25% got just 1 answer wrong but 22% got all the answers right! But we have to have one winner and they were picked by random…

Skiology quiz: The Answers

Question 1

Skiology operate 8 properties in Morzine and 1 in which other resort? Les Carroz!

Question 2

Founding Skiology brother Luke helps with our menu development, which other famous establishment has he been a development chef for? Fortnum & Mason

Question 3

Our goal is to have the industries highest… Repeat guest bookings

Question 5

What ski brand do we offer a free ski test with? Armada!

Question 6

All of our chalets are about what distance from the piste/and or resort? 500m

Question 7

Which one of the chalets below is Chalet Grand Hibou? This is chalet Grand Hibou! Also accepting #1 as the answer as that chalet (Lanterne) appears in the photos of Grand Hibou on the site

Question 8

Dom, founder of Skiology, is a lover of what 3 things? Star Wars, powder runs and all food beginning with S.

Question 9

How many chalets do we have that sleep 14? 2 Chalet George and chalet Grand Hibou, also excepting 3 as the answer as on review Atelier was ambiguous, updated now.

Question 10

What is the name of our self catered apartment? Apartment Petite Ibex

Question 11

How many properties do we run in the summer? 5 in total! Deux Freres, Ibex, Petite Ibex, Lantern and Grand Hibou. 

Question 12

Who supplies our delicious beyond organic wine? Paul Boyer!

Question 14

Where did the idea for Skiology begin to brew? South America

Question 15

What % of our menu is reviewed and updated each year? 30%