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We want to be here until the next ice age so we do our best to ensure this.

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Join us & our partners conscientiously saving snowsports & our planet for the future


This is about a journey

The world is a different place to when we started in 2006. As a society we are becoming more aware and informed of our environmental impact. From the start we have been and continue to be environmentally conscious.

This is a journey now that we know we have to complete quicker than ever before. We have a plan and annually we will get closer to our responsibility of our environmentally embraced vision.


Food supply: our product choices and shopping lists are created with care and awareness, resulting in a food budget twice that of some other companies. This results in a shopping trolley we are proud of – leaving discount brands on the shelves in replace of mostly seasonal, increasingly bio products instead.

We work with a number of selected partners that share our values and our mission to ensure increasing aspects of our business are run with the same ethos in mind. See below for more on our individual partners and why we have chosen to work with them.

We extensively train our team on environmentally friendly practices to introduce to their working as well their personal life.


Our audacious goal: to have the smallest carbon footprint of any accommodation provider in the Alps.

By then, we dream of achieving a few milestones:

  1. Provide clean fuel transfers from arrival to accommodation.
  2. A portfolio of chalets located within walking distance of the pistes/lifts.
  3. Provide properties that have been positively rated and developed for energy efficiency.
  4. Delicious meals prepared from ingredients that require the least mileage and waste achievable.

This year’s leap: 2021/22

  • Introducing a single-use plastic-free kitchen night
  • Resourced our entire food supply chain to minimise single-use plastic
  • Offering a meat-free night in our catered chalets and give savings to CoolEarth
  • Introducing ‘Label Rouge’ chicken and eggs to our catered chalets! ‘Label Rouge’ farming is farming how it used to be. The chickens roam free outside amongst the trees, have a long humane life and are cereal fed giving the meat a unique tenderness.
  • Trial making yoghurt because here yoghurt pots can not be recycled.
  • Trial using local farm deliveries for winter vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cabbages and stored fruit like apples and pears.
  • **coming 2023* Weigh waste and compete between chalets to reduce food waste.
  • Push alternative travel options such as driving
  • More digital documents within in Skiology, less paper!
  • Raise double the funds for our charities.
  • Upcycling any plexiglass that needs to be used to meet kitchen or transport regulations into greenhouses.

Last year’s leap: 2019/20

  • 30% packaging reduction through menu optimisation
  • Switching energy suppliers for clean energy suppliers in 25% of our chalets
  • Incentive for guests travelling by train
  • Be a leading part in a local demand for public compost bins for creating bio fuel
  • Optimising shopping day to prevent unnecessary trips
  • Replace clingfilm with reusable silicone lids
  • Offer sustainable alternatives to in demand brands e.g offering Nutella and a sustainable alternative chocolate spread.
  • Work with laundry service to remove plastic wrapping from deliveries
  • Increase use of washable/reusable cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels
  • Use tap aerators
  • Bulk purchase bio shampoo & shower gel to refill smaller usable bottles
  • Towel change charge to be donated to CoolEarth
  • Create a little eco-army: ask suppliers what they are going to pledge to join our force for change



Msizi Africa is a charity which provide meals, clothing and homes to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Thanks to their efforts they have kept children in education, fed the needy during crises, and housed orphans who have lost their parents in a country which suffers with poverty. In the spirit of teaching a person to fish Msizi Africa will be sustainable 2023!


We provide our chalet team with a generous food budget which gets spent during their weekly shop. When they (and they usually do) under spend on this budget, that saving goes into our donation pot for Msizi Africa. It’s as simple as that. All without any detriment to our guests’ experience of staying with a foodie chalet company.

Through our partnership with  CoolEarth we have been able  to protect:

square feet of rainforest

which is



this amounts to:

Tonnes of CO2 stored
types of animals sheltered
indigenous people supported
endangered species protected


CoolEarth was our second sustainability partner. When the Director came to stay with us we learnt all about the effectiveness of protecting existing rain-forest rather than planting new trees. By protecting huge existing trees, photosynthesis doesn’t have to wait for a new tree to grow. They operate in equatorial rain-forest where, due to their proximity to the sun, they are able to remove more carbon. These lands are also home to indigenous tribes who they work with paying them a fair wage.


After meeting the Director we began donating a portion of our energy bills to the cause. As our mission is to ‘reduce’ we didn’t want that to lessen our contribution to them. We now calculate our carbon emissions and offset that cost 10x in the form of a donation to our partners at CoolEarth.

Did you know our 1mil sq ft of rainforest equals to ~16 football pitches?

Montagne Verte

Because charity begins at home.

Montagne Verte is a local grassroots initiative who provide greener solutions for businesses and residents to minimise their environmental impact. From advice, to pledges, to raising fund for a local sustainability officer they are on board with it all and have teamed up with through thier shared understanding that the mountain sports industry is far from environmentally friendly so we have a duty to minimise our impact for the longevity of the environment we love.

Montagne Verte Morzine Member logo



An environmentally friendly cleaning product company with The Royal Warrant for their practices. Snow is water so it makes sense for us to look after our water cycle. 90% of the cleaning products that we use are supplied by Delphis Eco.

They have an inspirational goal of 100% sustainability across the business, from plant-based cleaning products to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. The products are cruelty free meaning no animals were harmed in the making of their products.


We offer beyond organic wine as our house wine. It costs us a bit more, however, costs the earth less.

Paul Boyer’s wine is so naturally produced that to call it organic is to downgrade it. The hard work they do goes beyond organic – from full moon harvests, to local sheep ‘cutting’ the grass, to EpiPens for snake attacks. To us, Paul’s wine is a perfect match. It’s also well known for not giving headaches when that nightcap went down a little too easy.


Skis created in a factory ran from renewable resources. Owning a forest that they farm sustainably for the creation of wood for their skis and goal of “carbon neutrality”.

What’s not to love about Armada skis?

We love our partnership with these guys almost as much as our guests do – as they get to test these amazing skis out when staying with us.


You don’t need to buy top brands like Volcom and Dakine, you can rent them! Crevasse clothing enables clothes that are often worn for only one week of the year to get multiple uses and you to stay at the front of fashion without having to re-buy annually. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon footprint so this is a great way to do your bit.


Mitre Linen has the Royal Warrant for fabric and linen which means they are the Queen’s suppliers. Mitre is “committed to continuously working to reduce or mitigate any negative environmental impacts”. They work to reduce energy, water, packaging, and other raw materials from their products. This makes them the obvious choice for to supply our chalets with luxurious linen that will help everyone sleep better at night.


The pixel pushers at Solve are committed to giving back to our planet. Their servers run on 100% renewable, sustainable energy-based, whilst delivering super-fast speeds. Solve are proud to plant at least one tree a day, and making Web Design and SEO as eco and sustainable as possible


As well as what we do for our environment we also believe in investing in the longevity of the sport we all love.

What do we mean?

It’s not enough for the current generations booking with us to love the sport, we want the next generation of skiers and boarders to love it too. If children don’t enjoy mountain sports, no future in mountain sports. To encourage families to come out to the mountains all together we have an infants go free policy to get them on their first holiday. 

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