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We want to be here until the next ice age so we do our best to ensure this.

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Join us & our partners conscientiously saving snowsports & our planet for the future

Our environmental responsibility

This is about a journey

The world is a different place to when we started in 2006. As a society we are becoming more aware and informed of our environmental impact. From the start we have been and continue to be environmentally conscious.

This is a journey now that we know we have to complete quicker than ever before. We have a plan and annually we will get closer to our responsibility of our environmentally embraced vision. We don’t expect our guests to pay for the journey, it is a company choice so will never have a negative effect on our guests.

This is where we want to be in 3 – 5 years: Our big hairy audacious goal!

“To have the smallest carbon footprint of any accommodation provider in the Alps. Clean fuel transfers from arrival to accommodation. Accommodation within walking distance of the pistes/lifts. Accommodation that has been positively rated and developed for energy efficiency. Low food mile dishes and wine prepared from ingredients that require the least waste achievable.”

This years leap 2019-2020

  • 30% reduction in packaging by optimising our menu
  • Trial switching energy suppliers for clean energy suppliers in 25% of our chalets
  • Incentivise guests who arrive by train
  • Reducing food waste. Chalets to compete weekly by weight of non compostable waste
  • Be a leading part of the drive for energy recovery from food waste. Meeting with officials to achieve food waste bins
  • Fight avoidable team trips to shops by optimising shopping day
  • Trial requesting laundry to remove plastic from deliveries
  • Use washable and reusable rags to clean instead of paper towel
  • Source 5 liter bio shower/hair gel refills
  • Towel change charge to go to CoolEarth
  • Guest recycling information to be prioritised in Welcome speech
  • Through recycling training for team
  • Trial tap aerators
  • Ask suppliers what they are going to pledge to join our force for change

Our partners in the journey

We did not start with a budget for our sustainable ethos as we don’t believe in enforcing our beliefs on others however as seasons go by we have…

Offset our carbon emissions by 10 x CoolEarth

CoolEarth was our second sustainability partner. When the director came to stay with us we learnt all about the effectiveness of protecting existing rainforest rather than planting new trees…

  • Protecting huge existing trees has an immediate effect rather than replanting whereby you have to wait for the trees to grow.
  • Protecting trees in the equatorial rain-forest means the trees sequester a greater amount of carbon due to their proximity to the sun.
  • Paying indigenous locals to protect the trees has the dual benefit of keeping indigenous tribes in work and also paying them a fair wage.

We protect 1,000,000 square ft of rainforest which is 12,872 trees, 13,945 Tonnes of CO2 stored, 2,152 indigenous people supported, 8,157 types of animal sheltered and 19 endangered species protected

CoolEarth has since developed from the idea of land ownership and are now focusing on supporting the communities, such as teaching a man to fish!

Our previous model was to donate savings on utility bills to CoolEarth which worked until we had a comparatively not so cold winter with a super cold winter. Although the team had been very conscious there was not a saving to be made. So we now simply offset our carbon emissions by 10x. This means that we have a positive effect on our environment and

“we like to think of ourselves as no 1 in the category for sustainable catered chalet operators :)”

Supply organic wine Boyer wines

We offer organic wine as our house wine, it costs us a bit more, however, costs the earth less. Generally, chalet wine has the reputation of being a bit, well, headachy in the morning is one way to put it!

Paul Boyer’s wine is so organic that to call it organic is to downgrade it, the hard work they do goes beyond organic, from full moon harvests to EpiPens for snake attacks! To us Paul’s wine is a perfect match, we want repeat guests so we want to look after them not cause them a headache and cut into a day on the mountain!


Our first sustainable partner was a local butcher who has since been bought out by a commercial firm with different ethics however, our ethics live on. We are proud of the contents of our shopping trolleys when we go shopping.

When we started working in the ski industry for another company before Skiology the status quo was to fill guests up on discount produce, for some sadly this legacy lives on. Our food budget is twice that of some others so you won’t find any discount brands with us! We buy local where we can, for the most part buying vegetables in season and increasingly buying bio too.

Delphis Eco, The Royal warrant for environmentally friendly cleaning products

Snow is mainly water so it makes sense for us to look after our water cycle. 90% of the cleaning products that we use are supplied by Delphis Eco.

Delphis Eco has an inspirational goal of 100% sustainability across the business, from plant-based cleaning products to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We are really proud to work alongside such an inspirational brand.

Mitre linen, The Royal warrant for linen

We don’t use the word luxury on our site apart from describing our linen. Luxury is a matter of perspective, luxury for me might not be luxury for you and vice versa. Are peanut butter and jam sandwiches luxury to you? They are to me! Mitre follows the Good Practice Guidelines as laid down by the Textile Services Association. Around the subject of which our uniform is fair trade too 🙂


Ski equipment created by some of the world’s best professional skiers to keep up with their demands. Armada has their own forest that they farm sustainably for the creation of wood for their skis.

Msizi Africa

Whatever we save on our food budget we give 100% to Msizi Africa who help take care of vulnerable children at Mophato oa Mants’ase, an orphanage in Lesotho, Africa.

The guideline is that this will never cause discomfort to our guests so you will always get the quality and quantity of the food you have paid for. We simply ask the team to be aware that the food budget is an average and not one of our guests is average. Here is an example of how this works: Some of our guests, believe it or not, consume less French bread than others. By monitoring this and using one less baguette per day for the season the saving at the end can feed 15 orphans for the week!

Gloweasy promotions

Finding guest gifts that won’t contribute to landfill is not easy! We aim to only buy products made with Fair Trade, from recycled material and organic where applicable. Gloweasy Promotions as far as we know is the only company that can source these and is in a one-horse race to make thier industry more sustainable and he is a lovely chap too!

“Essentially we are a very nice company who don’t believe in bulldozing our way to the top of the ski industry”

We would rather get there knowing that no-one was harmed in the creation of your Skiology holiday. Here we would like to mention that this is at no extra cost to you. We don’t believe in enforcing our views on others 🙂

Sustainable stories from our blog

Tips we give the team for saving on utility bills

  • Awareness seems to have the greatest effect. We let the team know of our intentions to save energy costs both through our investments in energy saving tools and their contribution.
  • Being aware that the main cost is heating, whether it is heating the chalet or creating hot water.
  • Rinse plates before they go in the dishwasher with the cold tap.
  • If you are only having one cup of tea, boil the water for one cup of tea.
  • Learn how long it takes your oven to heat up.
  • Rather than follow the recipe when it says stick your oven on 180, don’t just put it on, think when you will need it for.
  • Put similar things in the same place in the freezer every time so you reduce the amount of time with the door open.
  • Turn the speakers off if not being used.
  • Sweep when possible rather than hoover.
  • Re-cycle.
  • Turn lights out.
  • When a bulb blows replace it with an energy saving bulb.
  • Alerting management of any drips