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Les Carroz

How much is transfer to Les Carroz?

Private transfers

We recommend a private transfer. It works just like a taxi as the driver will be there waiting for you at the airport to take you right to the chalet front door.

Please note, due to current Covid best practice, an 8 seater transfer can only carry a maximum of 6 passengers at any one time.

People One way price
1 to 3

4 to 6

€250 per bus

€240 per bus

How much is the lift pass?

Our prices include the €1.60 for the re-chargeable cards.

Grand Massif

Days Adult (16 – 63) Child (5 – 15) Senior (64 – 74)
6 Day €269.60 €203.00 €256.40
4 Day €201.60 €151.60 €191.60
3 Day €151.70 €114.20 €144.20
Family pack 2 Adults and 2 children 6 Days €850

More than 95% of our clients choose Grand Massif passes with insurance. The Grand Massif pass offers you 55% more piste (265 km instead of 145 km) and costs only 25% more.

Vill4ges Pass

Restrited to the resorts of Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Six Fert à  Cheval as well as the Vernant bowl. (NB: the Vill4ges lift pass does not include the resort of Flaine).

Access to 75 pistes and 38 ski lifts situated between an elevation of 700m and 2200m. The Vill4ges sector includes ten lifts for learning safely.

Days Adult (16 – 63) Child (5 – 15) Senior (64 – 74)
6 Day €242.80 €182.20 €230.80
3 Day €137.20 €103.30 €130.60

How much is ski hire in Les Carroz?

Adult skis and snowboards, boots and poles (including 20% discount). Please note that these prices are a guideline and the final amount will be quoted by the ski hire shop.

Level of ski Premium Excellent Performance Evolution Eco Champion Helmet
6 Day €197.20 €170 €143.20 €120.80 €88.50 €84 €17.60
3 Day €92 €78.40 €72 €61.60 €46.40 €43.20 €11.20

Children (including 20% discount)

Days Ski > 100cm Ski < 100cm Helmet
6 Day €30.40 €35.20 €14.40

Can you recommend a ski school?

Ski lessons in Les Carroz

We find the ski schools here to be very reasonable. We have a great relationship with ESF and ESI who have some excellent English speaking instructors.

  • For private lessons we recommend ESF, see if you can request Nico, Yohanne, or Borris (all very popular with our repeat guests)
  • For ski school we recommend both ESI and ESF be sure to check that they can start on a Monday rather than Sunday.

More information and up to date prices on the website links below:

www.esf-lescarroz.com and www.esi-grandmassif.com

How much is childcare in Les Carroz?

Most of our guests either bring a non-skier to look after the young ones or use the crèche. There is also a list of nannies available from the Tourist office. You can email the tourist office (carroz@lescarroz.com) and ask for ‘le liste des nou-nous’.

La Souris Vert creche

Days Over 18 months Younger than 18 months
6 Days €192
6 1/2 days AM €122 €122
6 1/2 days PM €122 €122
All Day €36
1/2 Day AM €24
1/2 Day PM €24 €24

Link: https://www.lescarroz.com/en/day-nursery/
Prices above do not include a meal, that is €5.60 extra. Previous clients have been very happy with the service.

Can we book a ski locker?

The chalet is 290m from the cable car so chances are you may not need a locker however for those that do you must book ahead as there is limited availability. The lockers are around €10 per day for up to 4 guests including boot dryer. Book online here. More info here.

Can we book a massage?

For in chalet massage treatments, an excellent local company is MassageMe. There are also options in the village such as the Deep Nature Spa  as well as new for this season, Shambhala & Reiki Massage.

Hows the night life?

There is something for everybody, a different bar for every day of the week.

Club 74 is great fun, every time we go, we come back and say why don’t we go more often! It is cavernous as if it was expected that one night everyone in the village would want to go to the club!

Next to Club 74, Carpe Diem is a good fun lively bar. Salento Café is round the corner, shows sport events and is well priced. Opposite is The Marlow which has great cocktails, Le Point Noire is next door and is popular with locals and all. The wine bar Cave 59 is off of the main square and is one of our favourites. Le Grizzly ticks all the boxes as a cafe, bar and restaurant!


What time do the lifts open ?

The telecabine opens at 09:00

What is lift pass insurance?

Lift pass insurance is highly recommended: Most travel insurance offers only limited cover on the actual piste. Lift pass insurance covers search and rescue costs, transport, medical expenses, lift pass cancellation and suspension, lift closure due to lack of snow and damage to rental equipment. Worst case scenario – a helicopter to Annecy hospital costs €850, so this really is a money saver.

Can you get our lift pass for us?

In both resorts we can save you time and pick the lift pass up for you (we can use the Tour Operators’ queue and then have the passes waiting for you when you get into resort) We can also reuse hands free passes saving you 3 euros, not much but enough for a beer / vin chaud.

Passes ordered through Skiology have to be paid for in cash on the second ski day of the holiday.

What is a shared transfer?

  • All transfers are door to door. Transfers are only available for flights between 09:00 & 21:00. If customers book a transfer for a flight outside of these times, then they will be picked up on the closest available transfer but this may be the next day.
  • The maximum waiting time for a customer having met the Ski-Lifts representative in the arrivals hall is 90 minutes.
  • Pick up times for departures are between 3 to 5 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.
  • All shared transfers involve sharing a vehicle with other customers who have similar flight times and are going to the same, or a nearby resort.

A Shared Transfer may involve a short amount of time waiting at the airport for other customers. The rules defining the waiting time for the different types of shared transfers are described below. However, in all cases if a flight is delayed by more than one-hour then the customer will have to wait for the next available transfer, which could be on the next day if no further shared transfers are available.

Pick-up times for departures are set by Ski-Lifts and they will send an SMS message the day before they are due to leave with their exact pick up time. If the pick up time is within the allowed time window (described below) then these are not flexible and cannot be changed – if a customer wishes to choose their pick up time, they must book a Private Transfer.

These are the different areas of Geneva Airport, where Shared Transfers are on offer this season and some of the key rules that relate to each (a full break down of Terms & Conditions can also be found at http://www.ski-lifts.com/AdditionalInformation/Terms.aspx)

Priority Shared Transfers

All transfers are door to door. There is no waiting time for a customer having met the Ski-Lifts representative in the arrivals hall – as soon as the group is ready to go, the transfer departs. Pick up times for departures are between 3 to 3.5 hours before the scheduled flight departure time (3¼ to 3¾ for Flaine, Samoens 1600 & Sixt Fer a Cheval). Passengers who are delayed by more than one-hour on arrival may have to wait for the next available transfer, but this will always be provided on the same day as the original service was booked for.

Any advice on driving there ?

From Calais the journey takes about 8 hours so pack some lunch, there are plenty of picnic stops or find somewhere nice to stop for lunch.

You will need to account for maybe a full tank of fuel and tolls too, the Via Michelin can estimate this for you. We have driven this route so many times that we now use the time to practice French with teach yourself French CDs however since this is your holiday time why not download a free audio book to listen to from Libirvox. All chalets have parking and there are directions on the contact us page of our site.


What happens if I arrive late?

  • Should you arrive at the chalet after dinner time, we will pop your dinner to one side and reheat once you have arrived.
  • Should you arrive later than 21:00, your hosts will either leave your dinner for you to reheat or if you prefer, can leave a cheese and charcuterie board or soup for you to help yourself to once your hosts have welcomed you in.
  • If arriving after chalet hours i.e 22:30, a small fee of €20 is due to cover the call out of our team to be at the chalet to provide the same warm welcome to the chalet.