Service with Care

A passion for good food, service with care, delivered sustainably – The Turner Brothers concept

Service with care

This is what we feel we are best at. You can always be rivaled with chalet location and food, however, no one can rival how we do what we do! Service with care starts at the top and filters through the company.

Our goal is repeat guests so from the start we have to make sure the Skiology holiday that you are booking is right for you? Are you looking to book during a busy week on the pistes when you could come during a quieter one? Are you coming with little kids when it is typically too cold for them? Does this resort have enough apres ski for your group?

This approach to satisfying rather than selling has had some interesting effects… we had a couple book at the same time as 8 chaps on a ‘gentlemen’s holiday’. We discovered that a ‘gentlemen’s holiday’ translates as a stag do and speaking with the couple this would not be their idea of a perfect holiday so we refunded them and found them alternative, more romantic accommodation. The couple called the next season wanting to come and stay with us and have been 4 more times bringing a larger and larger group. In a nutshell, we are about long-term wins, not short term gains.

So how does this apply to your holiday? Without giving too much away we strive to provide anticipatory service and pre-empt questions that often come up. We treat guests like individuals and acknowledge that the needs of a those on a ‘gentlemen’s holiday’ are different to those on a family holiday. During the weekly meeting before your arrival, we try to pre-empt based on previous frequently asked questions what one group vs another may need so that we are fully prepared. We look forward to hopefully serving you in a way that you don’t need to ask for anything.

Being pro-active does not always work as we are all different however we have developed a better way to be reactive too. Traditionally ski tour operators ask you to fill in a comments form at the end of your holiday to ask if there is any way that your holiday could have been improved. Which worked great for us until we had a guest write on their feedback from that it would have been nice to have Marmite.

It was all our fault, if we had found out sooner then we could have actioned their request during their holiday. So we developed our anonymous comments system. It is much less exciting than it sounds, we simply have an anonymous comments pot in each chalet so if there was anything like Marmite that would have made your holiday 6/5 you can let us know and we can action it. You can, of course, ask your host directly however if you are anything like Skiology brother Dom and from the “mustn’t grumble” school the pot lets you have you have your say without the grumble.

With our guests help so far we have adopted and rolled out the following suggestions


  • Luxury crisp white linen
  • Ipod docking stations
  • Locally sourced menu items
  • Nintendo Wii’s in all chalets
  • British TV in all chalets
  • Board games in all chalets
  • Local cheese plate on the penultimate night
  • Tea and coffee bought to your door in the morning

This is a smaller sample of what is included on every Skiology holiday you can read more about what is included here. With your help, the list will keep growing! Guest or not guest we will happily listen to any ideas so please do get in touch you may even get a prize! Just pop us an email with the subject ‘try this’ to

There is a caveat, ‘you companies and your blooming caveats’ I hear you say! We will try to action, within reason all individual requests however for us to roll them out company-wide, suggestions must be in-line with our company values. For example we are and are advertised to be an environmentally friendly company so if one put in the anonymous comment pot, you should bleach the grout in the bathroom then, by all means, we will do it, we love sparkly bathrooms however since bleach disagrees with the companies original environmental values we would try to find a more environmental way to roll it out across all of the chalets.

In short, we will happily try to make each guests holiday 6/5, we are after all all about you becoming a repeat guest, however, to adopt a suggestion company wide we would look for an idea that agrees with the original values of Skiology.

  1. To give service with care
  2. Be passionate about good food
  3. Deliver our product sustainably so that we may continue to the next ice age!