A Passion for good food

All the delicious chalet food of a catered ski holiday, delivered with Skiology’ signature foodie ski style. 

We are seriously passionate about food. So we ensure every ingredient is carefully selected to bring a tasty meal to the table. We remain mindful of packaging whilst including all the nutritious elements you need on a ski holiday.

Skiology breakfast

Curated by Luke Turner – former Fortnum & Mason’s Development Chef. Our menu is ever-evolving to bring the best of our chefs’ skills and local ingredients to our chalets’ table.

Fresh Ingredients
Organic wine
Local produce

Our Recipe

We combine Skiology’s Luke Turner’s expertise, with 14 years’ chalet chef experience to bring you a menu you’ll be flying down the home run for. We understand how long days on the slopes can build up a ravenous appetite. And we also recognised the need to be completely refuelled nutritiously is paramount. Through our carefully selected – where possible, locally sourced – ingredients we combine our conscientious ethos with recipes that will leave you completely nourished.

Our foodie ski menu is refined, developed and, for our repeat guests, changed by 30% each year. We combine the creativity of Luke, Sophie, and all the chefs we work with who every year each bring a different dimension to the final result of the chalet food. The legacy of Luke continues through our extensively trained team to deliver our passion for good chalet food that will keep you coming back for more.

What’s Included

Following an evening of delicious foodie ski dining and organic wine, you will wake up to the smell of fresh breakfasts cooked on request by our talented chefs. You will find an array of continental breakfast choices as you walk into the breakfast room cupping your morning coffee. When you are ready, your host will bring your daily hot option to you. To be enjoyed with a cold glass of orange juice, porridge, boiled eggs and a full breakfast spread. The rest is all taken care of, leaving you the time to get ready for the slopes.

While you’re out exploring the pistes, your chalet team will be baking you a sweet delight. This will be waiting for you to enjoy with your cup of tea when you get in from a tiring day on the mountain.

Over to dinner time. Served while you’re toasting your toes around the fire, we start off with an aperitif and canapé to nibble on before the entrée at the table. Starters will be followed by two more delicious courses, brought to you by our attentive hosts. Finally, after an evening of indulgence, teas and coffees will be offered to ensure the conversation continues on well into the night.

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Beyond Organic Wine – By Paul Boyer

Our wine selection is supplied by Paul Boyer. Paul’s natural wines come from organic or sustainable viticulture. This is why we love it so much.

Paul Boyer produces next level ‘all-natural wine’. Organic wine is produced with organically grown grapes. After that producers may process as they wish. Paul’s mission is to produce wines without additives that truly express the character of the grape and the unique qualities of the terroir. This way all you taste is the grape, not the additives.

“Organic” and “sustainable” agriculture systems value soil health and biodiversity as integral to growing any crop. Although the terms are not completely interchangeable, both describe an approach to growing that sees the farm or vineyard as a large integrated loop. In this loop, plant, animal, and microbial life, aided by soil and water quality, contribute to the overall health of the environment. Therefore the development and quality of the crop.

Sustainability is particularly relevant to the field of viticulture. Protecting the health of the vineyard’s soil and surrounding environment can be seen as intrinsic to enhancing terroir. Other benefits of growing wine grapes under sustainable practices include encouraging natural vine hardiness. And the foundation for a healthy place to live and work.

We are proud to offer a unique product that is made in line with our environmental beliefs. Whilst preserving the quality and taste of a great wine.

Even better, during dinner service, Paul’s wine is served bottomless.

A Taster Of Our Foodie Ski Menu

Vietnames Soup Starter
Foodie Ski Claridges Chicken Pie and Ottolenghi Beans
cheesecake peanut and honeycomb
Ratatartie Starter Catered Menu
The Petite Tartiflette: Foodie Ski Menu Starter