Armada Ski – Ski Test Centre

Meet the Armada skis…

If there is a better way to start the day than waking up on a powder day with a fleet of skis to choose from then let us know!

Armada Skis Test Centre

We have teamed up with Armada to offer a test centre at Chalet George. You can try one of 6 pairs of Armada skis for free during your stay.

To take part simply let us know which day during your stay and which skis you would like to test. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, where possible we will always try to give you your first choice of skis/day, however with 6 test pairs to 16 guests this may not always be possible.

During the start of your stay the resort manager will confirm your allocation and prepare the skis for you. You will need to pay a €50 cash damage deposit and sign a disclaimer.

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Invictus 95 (176cm)

Built on the same chassis as the 95Ti, the Invictus 95 is the go-to-ski for those looking for the ultimate versatility in a slightly more forgiving package. Built with carbon kevlar stringers and AR Nose Rocker, the 95 is a light and lively all mountain machine.

ARV 86 (177cm)

The Armada ARV 86 Skis are an all-mountain freestyle ride with impeccable park manners. A solid ash and poplar core give the ski a light and lively foundation, and AR Freestyle Rocker profile means fun times whether you’re travelling regular, switch, or shuffling out landings. If you’re looking for a playful all-around hardpack ski that shines both high on the mountain and on rails and boxes, the Armada ARV 86 is your answer.

Tracer 108 (180cm)

A lightweight ski that’s origins stem from touring yet stout enough to still smoke the downhills. With partial twin tips, a hybrid (carbon and wood) ultralight core and a rocker camber rocker shape you will be sure to float while maintaining stability when the snowing gets tough.

Tracer 98 (180cm)

Like its fatter brother the construction of the Tracer 98 is similar but with two major differences. The first being a 10mm narrower at the neck means this will have a little more comfort when on harder packed groomed slopes and the tail. The second – rather than partially twin tipped the tail is flat resulting in a responsive ride in all areas of the mountain.

ARVw (womens) 168cm

Featuring AR50 sidewall construction, a Comp Series Base, and AR Nose Rocker, the ARVw is a fast on-piste charger. Built for those who love shredding the entire mountain, the ARVw provides unmatched stability at speeds and great control in variable terrain.

TSTw (Womens) 165cm

The TSTw has tip rocker and no tail rocker. This powerful combination leads to the float and initiation of tip rocker and drive and stability of a traditional cambered ski. The TSTw is truly an all mountain ski that excels in conditions ranging from powder to groomers.

Victa 93 (167 cm)

A light and nimble all-rounder that really does work well in all snow conditions, the Armada Victa 93 Skis use the proven Victa formula of a Power-Lite Core, Carbon-Kevlar strut laminates, and partial sidewall construction to give you one of the most versatile performers in the business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, this ski can be appreciated by all. Partial twin tip gives versatility no matter which your direction and the 93mm neck will see you floating off piste when the powder comes down

  • 1 day hire per person
  • First come first served
  • €50 deposit
  • For guests at Chalet George