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The winter season is upon us. We are noticing a trend emerging with more and more guests driving to ski resorts. This is no surprise since driving is a great option for those wishing to travel while maintaining social distance. Also a great option too concerning saving our snow!

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Morzine is geographically the quickest and easiest sizeable ski resort to reach from the UK for a week’s worth of skiing.

From Calais, the drive is around 7 hours. Morzine’s valley location means there are multiple access roads thus reducing traffic. Compare this to some mountainside resorts which experience huge volumes of traffic using one road in and out! So for those considering driving to ski resorts, Morzine is the number 1 option.

By far our favourite factor about driving is the good we do for the planet with the vastly lower carbon footprint.

“75% of the carbon foot print of your holiday is how you get here, the winter sports part is only a few %”

Skiology is proud to be working alongside Montagne Vert. We share the goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Not to mention helping to ensure the snow-capped mountains we love so much are here to be enjoyed for generations to come.

When analysing the overall impact a ski holiday has on the environment, skiing is a drop in the ocean compared to the heavy emissions generated by travel. The good news is you can drastically reduce it by choosing an alternative to aeroplanes. Travelling by train is the most efficient alternative although we understand that this may not be the best option for everyone.

The next best option is driving by car which reduces your carbon emissions by 3 times!

Track your emissions, route and toll costs!

This handy online tool from Michelin enables you to input your vehicle make/model and your route then it will calculate your carbon emissions, toll costs and some really good tips. Give it a go!

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A car game for the little ones!

Nobody wants to run out of car journey games halfway across France! Here is a game popular with Skiology’s Chloe and Luc. Simply lookout for the last 2 numbers on all French number plates and tick them off your sheet as you go. Use our interactive map to find out more about the regions as you go!

Under 12’s Licence Plate Bingo

Over 12’s Licence Plate Bingo: Interactive

Driving to France FAQ’s

Snow Chains

All cars driving to ski resorts must have either winter tyres or snow chains. Regular checkpoints are put in place at the bottom of the mountain to ensure all cars are properly equipped for the snow conditions.


Purchasing snow chains

You can purchase snow chains from shops such as Carrefour in resort. However the stock is limited and not guaranteed and the prices are far more expensive than anywhere else.

We strongly recommend that all guests get snow chains in advance of your journey. Then you can rest safe in the knowledge that if they are required, you are all set to go! 🙂

The Brexit Effect

As of the 1st January 2021, British motorists will be subject to regulatory requirements for driving in the EU. Follow the link below to the governments check list. This has all you need to know and have in place before setting off.

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French Laws

You will be required to adhere to French automotive laws and regulations. This includes having a number of items to hand in your car. This handy list courtesy of Eurotunnel explains all:

What to bring

  • Full, valid UK driving licence is required. Due to new updates from the DVLA the paper counterpart is no longer required and this includes when travelling on the Continent. You must be 18 or over to drive in France.
  • A GB sticker to display on the rear windscreen and your motor insurance certificate(1).
  • A warning triangle and reflective jacket for use in a breakdown. Without these you risk being fined around €90(2).
  • Headlamp converters (for driving on the right). These are compulsory to prevent dazzling drivers coming the other way(3)

What NOT to bring

  • Radar detectors are illegal in France. If you are caught with one you risk fines of up to €1,500. SatNav and GPS systems which show where speed cameras are located are also illegal. Make sure this function is disabled or removed completely from your device.

The Route

The favoured route of Skiology HQ’s Sophie is Calais > Reims > Troyes > Dijon. This route is easy to follow on A roads with plenty of scenic stops along the way!

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Tolls Roads

There are various routes to the resort. There are some options to increase the length of your journey to avoid the toll roads (via Germany). If taking the direct A road route across France, you can expect to pay €60 – €80 in tolls.

The Channel Crossing

When driving to ski resorts from the UK, the most popular way of crossing the channel is the EuroTunnel. More so currently as there is no need to leave your car providing the perfect bubble to bubble travel!

The Eurotunnel is also a great option for reducing the journey time. The Eurotunnel takes just under 30 minutes to cross the channel as opposed to an average time of 4 hours on the ferry.


Travelling with a dog

If driving across France for the first time, you will discover that there is an abundance of ‘Aires’. These are spacious pull-ins just off the main autoroute. Aires range from service stations to simple wooded mini-parks, green spaces or landmark viewing spaces. They are super simple to pull in and take a short break. Most have toilet facilities for humans as well as a grassy area for the four-legged passengers in the car!


Pet Passport

Your dog will require a passport which will need to be obtained in advance of your journey. This requires a trip to the vet in the UK and France also.

Vets in Morzine

Although there is a vet in Morzine, it is not possible to book appointments and opening hours can vary. There is however a popular vet located 20 minutes away in Taninges. This clinic does take pre-booked appointments. This is a great option if stopping overnight in mid-France before completing the journey back to the UK. (The vet will need to administer a worming tablet no sooner than 24 hours before you depart France).

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