This symbol does not mean that you recycle the item

Maybe we’re late to the party, however we were surprised to find out that this symbol does NOT mean you can recycle the packaging on which it features.

This logo means that the item is made of recycled material, and if you put non recyclable material in a bin with your recyclable packaging, there’s a risk that, due to a recent change in rubbish processing, an entire batch of recycling could be contaminated and end up in landfill.

This symbol means that you can recycle

Recently China stopped buying recyclable packaging from the West. This means that, most likely, your recycling is being stockpiled at your local landfill. This change in who’s sorting our rubbish it means that if anything from 1-10% of a recycling load is incorrect, it will go straight to landfill. The cost of sorting it is not financially viable.

But what’s the impact of this? You will be very surprised by how much packaging you now need to put in the regular bin, rather than the recycling bin. This is why the recommended practice of the three Rs are in the order: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Materials degrade when recycled, for example a birthday card may become a cereal box, which may then become a tissue, so in stages 1 and 2 it maybe recyclable. However, by stage 3 it probably isn’t, which is why we need to follow the symbols on the packaging.

We find that buying consumables and cleaning materials in commercial sizes from suppliers who use recyclable packaging is our best practice. For example we use Delphis Eco for our cleaning products (The Royal warrant for environmentally friendly cleaning products), as the containers are 5ltr in size so we Reduce the packaging. The product is also a concentrate, so we can blend our cleaning materials on site and Reuse our spray pumps. All of the packaging is then Recycled.

Here at Skiology we’d love to hear any of your tips!