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Sod’s Law

If you think about it, it has to be an epic start to the season why, because that is Sod’s law! Sod’s law is one of life’s certainties. Why is it Sod’s law that the snow will arrive in biblical measures? Well…

The past 2 seasons have got off to a slow start for snow, so the market is reporting that guests are slow to book the first few weeks of the season. The dates are also a little skewiff with Christmas and New Year both falling at the weekend, which does not help.

Therefore Sod’s law says that the heavens will open, the forecast of the La Nina winter will come and we will be swimming in snow, and there will be no one here to enjoy it because that is the law!

It is very hard, almost impossible to throw together a last minute (within a week or two) Christmas holiday so that week in particular is bound to be filled with snow and no guests.

We can’t wait for the whitest of white Christmas’s, playing in the nose deep snow with no one around, and the deep epic once in a life time powder days of January. If no two snow flakes are the same then no two powder days are the same and I live here to never miss one!