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We can’t keep winter sports alive by ourselves by offering environmentally responsible holidays, we need the kid’s help too. We need them to fall in love with snow sports and make sure climate change does not melt our snow!

So we have created 3 short (cirac 3 minute to read) bedtime stories that fuse together a love of snow and what the younger generation can do to protect it.

The books follow the themes of Reduce (Want-less), Reuse (Use-less) and Recycle (Recycle-more)! We release them annually just before Christmas to hopefully have a positive effect on all our Christmases. They are here for everyone so please feel to share the link.

Click below to download

Recycle More
Coming Winter 2022…

At Skiology we offer superbly situated chalets; food that guests come back for again and again; service with care and all served on a plate of environmentally responsible holidays. The plate is a necessary part of the meal, however a part that guests can choose to pay attention to or not. They are on holiday after all and the plates are not that exciting!

We love what we do and want to keep doing it until the next ice age. This is why whatever it was that brought you to Skiology, we will do our best to ensure we are here to provide it for the longest time.