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Every day is a fresh start so to start your day the plastic free way here are 3 x sub-5-minute recipes with 0 single-use plastic packaging. The granola is so good that I go to bed every night excited to wake up and have it the next day! (Vrac means where you pay by weight)

Vrac pumpkin granola and other flavours too

single use plastic free granola
  • For the almonds/pistachios/flaked coconut. I replace it with 3 cups of whatever nuts/seeds I fancy from the vrac dispensers.
  • I love this with pumpkin however when not in season have used apple or banana. To make pumpkin puree, cut into half, take out seeds, cut in to 1/4s, roast at 200 degrees for 40 mins (i do this while baking the ‘no-knead quick bread’ recipe in the next column). Then peel, the skin comes off much easier after roasting, then puree in a blender.
  • I use half the amount of olive oil and maple syrup. It makes it less crispy however saves me money! If you want to go 100% no single-use plastic Gaia in Thonon sell maple syrup vrac or you can replace with honey that comes with a metal lid if you can’t find maple syrup without a plastic lid.
  • To make it more chunky, when cooking after turning the granola, push it down with the back of a spatula so it looks like you are making a giant flapjack. When cooked leave to cool, then break apart.

Oat milk

single use plastic free oat milk
  • Stop paying €2.00 for a ½ a cup of oats and water!
  • I just use oats and water
  • I find the oat milk to not quite as good shop brought however it is not far off!
  • For some reason does not work very well if you froth it for a latte!

No-knead quick bread

  • You can get vrac dried yeast in Gaia in Thonon or fresh yeast in paper from Vie Claire in Morzine (you need to triple the amount for fresh yeast).
    I mix a small part of the warm water, 120ml or so with the maple/honey and yeast first to activate it, then leave until it foams (20 mins or so before adding in)
  • Again you can substitute honey in a jar with a metal lid if you can’t find maple syrup without a plastic lid.
  • You can keep the clingfilm to reuse again. Remember, this is about being single use plastic free! Just wash it. Dry it and fold it. Or you can cover the bread with a damp tea towel N.B it takes much longer than 20 mins to rise in my house. The height it rises to will be the same more or less as when it cooks so make sure you let it rise until it looks like the loaf you want to eat!

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