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No need to sit through tonnes of YouTube yoga ski videos, I have done the leg work for you to bring you our top 4 quick yoga ski warm-up videos!

Celebrating being on the near side of 40 I decided it was time to be kinder to my legs. Not to expect them to climb up or ski down mountains without a bit of a warm-up first. Since starting yoga before skiing I have found I get much less sore for a lot less time so looks like the habit is here to stay!

These are the criteria that I used to filter the mountain of Yoga ski videos.

  1. Must be 10 – 20 minutes. I don’t have that long generally before skiing.
  2. Must be a warm-up rather than a warm-down. The timing works for me pre-ski rather than apres-ski when I know I will probably not do it.
  3. Must be guided. 

So without further ado.

  1. Snowflow 12 minutes. This is my go-to to make a big difference. Delivered by a yoga instructor come winter sports instructor. The sequence feels like it is really well practised/thought out like it is something that she does every day and there are a couple of stretches in there that really work for me. Initially, she mentions needing a block however I have not used one so I don’t believe it is needed.
  2. Yoga with Nina Gigele 8 minutes. Similar routine to above, a little bit shorter from another great ski instructor come yoga teacher.
  3. Chaz Rough  22 minutes. was one of the first instructors I came across over a decade ago. Bit of a longer session with a great bit of decompression at the end.
  4. Chemmy Alcott, arguably this should be #1 as Chemmy is one of our Olympic athletes so if anyone knows what to do it is her! It is a short circa 4-minute yoga session followed by some dynamic activation exercises which I feel is why it is lower down on my list as it is not pure yoga. The session is great, a really good warmup that makes you feel ready for the mountain.
  5. Nano Yoga. 10 minutes. Sweet little session, just 7 poses means you really focus on them rather than the screen. Nano yoga also has quite a few other ski yoga videos if you like this one.

Or the playlist is here 🙂 p.s For an apres-ski warm down this was great. 20 minutes.