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The number one position is SO hard so let’s make it a tie for the what to do in the Alps in summer:

  1. Talloires (Annecy) / St Disdille (Thonon).

    Why Talloires? It is a semi-long drive away (1 1/2 hours) which makes it special in the first place but you have to visit Annecy when you come so why not do both as Talloires is on Lake Annecy!  Once you get there you have to pay a small entry fee (€2.50 at time of writing) then you have a huge colonial-style house/restaurant serving drinks and food to all the entrants as they play about on the massive lawn that rolls into the lake. You feel like you are at a millionaires garden party! There are pontoons, diving boards, swimming platforms, kids areas/ pools, a dive centre and chateau which are all a few hundred meters away too as is the beautiful town of Talloires

    What to do in the Alps this summer? Best swimming lakes

    Talloires, Lake Annecy. Photo credit : Auberge du Pere Bise

    quiet bays of lac leman

    First day of the school summer holidays at Plage St Distille!

    Plage St Disdille. Similar to Talloires the beach is a little hidden gem, a little less manicured but thriving in natural beauty. We love it because the river Dranse that flows through Morzine meets Lake Geneva/Lac Leman here so the water is constantly refreshed. The grassy beach is set in the chestnut forest that belongs to the neighbouring Chateau de Ripaille.  There is a great burger place and kids playground but our favourite thing to do is a walk down to the left of the beach along the path and within minutes you can find a little bay all to yourself. The ‘beach’ is Stoney so if you have shoes that go in the water you will want to bring them. Ooh and don’t forget to visit the Chateau too! They make one of our favourite white wines!

  2. Lake Passy/ Lake Montriond

    It’s a tie for second place but you have to love your local lakes! Passy for Carroz and Montriond for Morzine. Passy has every form of entertainment possible on offer – mini-golf, paddleboards, horse rides, mini electric kids boats, playground, go-karts, inflatables, volleyball, treetop assault course and all in between. It has a sandy beach and a great view of Mont Blanc. It can be busy so once visited why not pop round to the Lac des Illettes, they are on the same river and have a much more local, relaxed, secret locals-only vibe.

    Top 3 beaches in Haute Savoie - Lake Passy

    Lake Passy. Photo credit:

    Summer chalets in the french alps - Morzine

    Lac Montriond

    Lake Montriond. We love lake Montriond because it is deeeeeppppp so you can dive down to the cool, cool water. Lake Montiond has it all – a great walking loop, lovely restaurants at either end, a shallow kids lake, pony rides, boat hire etc

  3. The Biotope

    I know, I know we have mentioned it before, but we can’t write a top 3 without it! A lake with a swimming pool liner! Book in advance it is voted one of the top attractions in the area.

    The beautiful swimming lake at Combloux

    Photo credit : Le Dauphine

    One last bonus one, did you know there is a sandy beach on Lake Geneva/Lac Leman? You have to visit Excenevex. Think summer holiday vibes only with water with no salt at any of these lakes so no stinging of the eyes, matted hair etc. We love swimming in Evian while drinking rose!