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Top 20 things to do in Morzine

This could be a very dense article however I want to be more like a checklist, a source of inspiration for those already here or planning a trip here. This therefore is the condensed version of our Top 20 things to do in Morzine, our in-chalet guides have more detail.



Winter in Morzine!? Aquariaz the water park in Avoriaz.

  1. Skiing internationally.

    There are not many resorts where you can ski two countries on the same day and embrace 2 different mountain cultures, Swiss Fondue for lunch and French for dinner? Or more likely local Swiss Fendant wine for lunch and French regional Apremont wine for dinner?

  2. The Stash.

    We don’t know anything quite like it, a snow park made out of local natural materials. It has been voted the #1 piste in the world!

  3. Aquariaz.

    An indoor waterpark that borders the piste in Avoriaz, 29 degrees inside when it is snowing outside, like a holiday within a holiday.

  4. Crapahute.

    Love a good mountain refuge! Set in the Valley Du Manche you won’t find much intel about this hidden secret. Take a guided ski at the Valley Du Manche and stop here for lunch or snowshoe up from the bottom of the valley.

  5. Skiing the Valley Du Manche.

    You can’t put a ski lift in a nature park however you can get a guide to take you down one! Once you access this valley with your guide you are not going to believe the off-piste opportunities.

  6. Ferme De Fruitiere and or the cheese-making demonstration. 

    A restaurant adjoined to a cheese shop, adjoined to the kitchen where they make the cheese, you can’t get fewer food miles! The produce is great and you can dine next to the cellars where the cheese is aged. The cheese-making demonstrations are, at the time of writing on a Wednesday morning, go to one and you will have a new appreciation for all the work that goes into making cheese. Since attending the class cheese tastes better and we never waste a bit knowing what hard work it is!

  7. Firework and torch-lit descent.

    Every Tuesday at 18:00 fireworks is going to happen (weather providing) so you may as well get a front-row seat.

  8. Snowshoeing.

    You won’t know how much you miss when you whizz down the pistes unless you try a different pace. Notice more, learn more, appreciate so much more and organise a guided snowshoe walk.

  9. Coffee.

    France started cafe culture and do it so well here are some of our favourite on piste Morzine coffee stops.

  10. Fantasticable.

    A wire suspended between 2 valleys whereby you pay for your ride get attached to the wire and fly from one side to the other. Not going to be everyone’s cup of tea 🙂


Sixt fer a Cheval

Sixt Fer a Cheval. An hour from Morzine and like the set of Jurassic Park!

  1. The market.

    Before Morzine was a ski resort it was a farming community and this is where you can sample and purchase the goods! We love the cheese from the farm in Valley Du Manche (the small stall, if you are facing down the valley it is at the back right-hand corner, look for the long queue). Potager des Fourches, lovely vegetable stand from down the valley where they grow all their own produce.

  2. Swimming in the lakes.

    36 degrees outside? Great place to cool off! The higher the lake the colder so Lake Montriond maybe 13 degrees whereas Lake Leman (Lake Geneva) 23 degrees.

  3. Cycling.

    Going up cols, whizzing down trails, pootling around lakes on Velo vert routes. The bicycle is the choice method of transport in the summer.

  4. Hike, trail run.

    We have dedicated trails for both!

  5. Staying or dining in a refuge.

    Has to be our favourite family activity, find a mountain refuge, plot a course for it than hiking there for lunch or to stay the night.

  6. Luge.

    And as mellow as you want it to be a summer bobsleigh experience. You will feel like a child again as you whizz or pootle down the mountain on the luge track.


    That summer feeling happens the second you hit the water slide! Don’t believe us? Try it at the outdoor pool. Told you so 😉

  8. Excenevex.

    You may need to read this a couple of times, there is a sandy beach 45 minutes from Morzine on the lake.

  9. Mont Blanc.

    We love a day trip and nothing fills our winter cravings like going up the cable car into the snow line of Mt Blanc on a hot day. Chamonix the town at the foot of Mr Blanc has a lot to offer too. The outdoor, no fences, mountain animal zoo is one of our favourites Parc Des Merlets.

  10. Sixt fer a cheval.

    The regions largest nature park! About 1hr from Morzine has an easy walking loop which will make you feel like you are on the set of Jurassic Park.