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I was writing a list for our resort managers Roby and Sam of cost effective activities and adventures for their days off this summer then I thought this is too good not to share!

I initially wrote the list with them in mind but this time round will present my family orientated top 5 as this is what most of our summer booking are.

To make it more legible the list reads…

  1. Lac Airon*
  2. La La Colonnaz and Flaine Lac*
  3. BBQ view point and loop*
  4. Igloo *
  5. Post man hike*
  6. Lac Passy and Îlettes*
  7. Cham zoo*
  8. Taninges cycle and big bench*
  9. Sixt Fer a Cheval*
  10. Alfred wills*
  11. Talloires*
  12. Morgins slide and refuge
  13. Yvoire / Excenevex
  14. Un jour un col -> Joux Plane
  15. Pump track in Carroz / mountain bike*
  16. PDS loop
  17. Train -> cycle (velo vert)
  18. Meteor shower

A few notes

  1. This list was written in shorthand because it is my notes of what to chat with them about
  2. They are based in Carroz but service both Morzine and Carroz  so I have put asterisks by the Les Carroz ones. Let’s expand!
  3. All of these you can do with a buggy with big wheels! Well maybe not the pumptrack 🙂

1. Lac Airon

What is it? A small farm on a lake serving great local food. 

A friend of ours once did a British faux pas here and asked for milk in his coffee. The waiter took the cup to the cow and milked it straight in to his coffee. Going here makes you feel a whole world away and is an easy walking track from the top of the telecabine. The food is great and the views not bad too 😉

Aerial photo of the farm at Lac Airon

Lac Airon one of our top 5 things to do in Les Carroz: Credit Monica Dalmasso

3. BBQ viewpoint and loop + Aquacime

Okay Aquacime is not on the original list but it is in the same neighbourhood as the other two. Do you have difficultly getting mentally on holiday, getting your brain to stop thinking about work? Have you tried a waterslide? it is practically a guaranteed way to trigger your brain that this in holiday time not work time, works for me every time, do a water slide = forget everything, try it. Beyond the pool is a great view point and a lovely walking loop which takes you to part of Les Carroz’s namesake (meaning where the rocks come through) a beautiful field where large rocks pop out like bushes, great climbing!

15. The pumptrack

So good that folks come from miles around to use it! Chances are if you are here in the summer you may want to try one of the most popular activities here, mountain biking. The pump track is a great place to trial the sport and get to know the ropes, or just to have a lot of fun!

Les Carroz pump track! Yes you can use scooters too 🙂 Photo credit :

9. Sixt fer a Cheval

Here is a great plan for a family summer photo. Go ahead of them to Sixt fer a Cheval, why not do No.8 on the way there, the Taninges cycle (beautiful flat family friendly ride alongside the river) and visit the oversized bench in the parc at the old monastery. Okay, so now you are ahead of them, hide, get your camera ready, watch as they pull up to the parking, walk through the path then click take your photo as all of their jaws drop as the feel like they have entered the set of the Jurassic park. The regions largest national park and with a great walking loop.

Sixt Fer a Cheval. The regions largest national park. 50 mins from Les Carroz

7. Cham zoo

Better know as  Parc De Merlet This is a bit of mountain with a fence around it and every Alpine animal you could wish to see is here for you discover in its natural habitat. It is the garden of Eden of the mountains. Park as close as you can or drop the kids off at the end of the parking as it is a looooong walk 🙂 The park is about 50 minutes from Les Carroz.

Open air, no cage, Alpine zoo!

Parc Des Merlet has it all! All the alpine animals, views and lovely walks too.