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What level Alps lover are you?

Level 1: I come to the Alps in Winter.

We don’t need to dwell too much on this, chances are if you reading you are at least level 1. But do you love summer in the Alps too?

Level 2: I come to the Alps in the Summer too.

Once upon a time, someone said to me that they prefer the summer to the winter in the Alps and I could not believe them. Now having experienced it I can say they are an even par, which is amazing considering how much I love the winter! My top 3 would be the

  1. The pace. If you walk into a room of panicked people you panic. If you stay in a resort with a laid-back pace … voila!
  2. The temperature is generally spot on for being outside. We have tried European beaches as a family in the summer and find the temperature here much better for the kids.
  3. Lack of crowds. We don’t need to much detail here! It is nice to have a crowd at the pool and it is nicer to have the option to take a hike with the family and see no one for miles.
  4. (Bonus)The diversity of activities on offer. For example, when my daughter has a tennis lesson I nip out on my bike. We then go for coffee and she has a couple of goes on the luge (a bit like a bobsleigh run only safer and generally for kids) then I ask her what she wants to do this morning ride the horses, ride her bike, go swimming in the lake or pool, go for a walk, go out somewhere, ride the little train or cable car… There is much more on offer here that one can ever do in a week!

Level 3: Hot and cold water, food, they all come naturally so come make your shelter!

Water springs run freely throughout resorts so drinking water is often free and easy to find, the experience of swimming in lakes is second to none, much better than a salt in your eye sea swim. Both resorts are within 30/40 minutes of the thermal spa towns of St Gervais(Les Carroz), Thonon Les Bains (Morzine) and Evian (Morzine). And both Morzine and Les Carroz were farmland before they were ski resorts so you can grow and raise your own food here quite easily. They really are very welcoming places to come and stay or live!