Winter is round the corner and we are starting to think about putting on our winter layers! Come and indulge with us at our top 5 winter restaurants in Morzine.

Rotonde : Best for menu diversity +33 (0)4 50 79 16 30

This is the restaurant that we go to most as a family and pretty much always have the same thing 1 x ribs and 1 x ladies steak. It is consistently top quality. Rotonde has one of the longest menus in town with everything from pizza to fondue and Asian dishes so is a real crowd pleaser. It is the sister restaurant to l’Etale (the most popular restaurant in Morzine) which recently celebrated it’s 40th birthday which you don’t get to do unless you are really good at your trade. L’etale is a little more lively and Rotonde a little more refined though the menu is 80% the same in both. If you are a group and can’t decide where to go/what to eat a good option is going to L’Etale and one person ordering all you can eat raclette/fondu/hot stone/potance then sharing. Don’t forget to try the Grolle (hot coffee, liquor, fruits and spices) as a digestif at the end of the meal.

La Ferme De Fruitiere : Best for cheese! +33 (0)4 50 79 12 39

Artisan cheese manufacturer/ cheese shop and restaurant. A lot of the cheese served here is made in the workshop next to the restaurant. If you go downstairs in the restaurant there is a glass wall that divides the 2 buildings and allows you see in the cave where the cheese matures. One morning a week (Wednesday at time of writing) you can go for free and watch the cheese being created. When you learn for example that Abondance cheese has to be stirred 400 times in a giant copper cauldron to qualify as Abondance cheese it makes the cheese taste all the sweeter. The Ferme de Fruitere do a great fondue which if you accompany with a bottle of dry local white wine like Apremont and book a table close to the fire you will be in Alpine heaven!

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La Charmade : Meet a local Master chef +33 (0) 4 50 79 13 91

Chef Thierry Thorens restaurant deserves a special mention. Chef Thierry Thorens is probably the most famous chef in the valley, he has dozens of beautiful published recipe books to his name and the Charmade is where you can sample his cooking first hand. There are not many places that you can sample French Savoyard food with a gastronomic slant. It is quite a spectacle to see the whole brigade in the kitchen and watch them learn from a world-class expert. Don’t leave without taking a look at the cheese cave downstairs, the selection puts anywhere in the UK to shame.

The chefs table at the Chamade, great gastro cuisine

Chefs table at chef Thierry Thoren’s gastro restaurant in the center of Morzine the Chamade

Photo credit : Charamade website

Le Clin D’Oeil : South West cuisine in the Alps ++ 33(0)4 50 79 03 10

Continuing the theme of chef lead restaurants the hidden away Clin D’Oeil has long dominated one of the top spots on TripAdvisor for the Morzine restaurant scene. Their tagline

is ‘a touch of the South West of France in the Alps’. Alongside Savoyard classics such as raclette and tartiflette, you can expect dishes from the south like Cassoulet and duck glazed in honey and spices. The couple who run the restaurant are charming and everytime we go we say to ourselves why don’t we come here more often!