Privacy policy

Whiter than new snow is our policy. As a company that is all about winning repeat guests we value our relationship, respect your privacy and would never sell your data.

How is your data stored at Skiology?

At enquiry stage (predominantly stored on secure Google servers)

  • You enquire via email : Your email arrives to us via Gmail and is held on Google’s secure servers. It is then answered by the office team. The basic contents are summarised on a spreadsheet hosted by Google secure servers and only accessible by the Skiology Office Team. The spreadsheet contains data such as how you heard about Skiology, who in the office is dealing with your enquiry and your quote.
  • You enquire via our enquiry form : The data is send to us via email as above via and processed as above.
  • You enquire via phone : The details of your call and processed as above.

At booking stage (stored on

  • Either yourself or a member of the Skiology Office Team input your holiday data into our online booking system provided via The data for the most part is what you have entered such as dietary requirements etc to facilitate the Resort Team’s provision of your holiday. You, anyone that you give the password to, the Skiology Office Team and Resort Team have access to this information.
  • Chaletmanager also has a private notes field that the office may utilise for example if you request a birthday cake to the Office Team however only want the Resort Team to know and not the rest of your party.

At the end of your holiday (feedback forms)

  • At the end of your holiday we ask you to fill out a printed feedback form. The data from this is transferred to a spreadsheet stored on a Google secure server and accessible by Skiology Management team. The forms are destroyed annually. If the contents of your form have urgent content on them the Resort Team may take a digital copy to send to the Management Team. This copy is deleted after sent.
  • The week after you leave the Management Team and the Resort Team will meet and discuss the wins and areas for development of your holiday. This information is stored in a document that is accessible by the Skiology Management team and stored on a Google secure server. If information such as ‘did not have a good meal at restaurant X’, ‘did not like goats cheese’, ‘requested extra board games’ would be helpful for the Chalet Team for your next holiday this information is transferred and stored in the pre-mentioned ChaletManager private guests notes section.

At any time you can have the

  • Right to be forgotten: You may request that we delete any data that we hold.
  • Right to object: You may opt out of inclusion of your data in our databases.
  • Right of access: You may request a copy of any data that we hold about you
  • Right to rectification: Most of the information that we hold you also have access to via ChaletManager however if after a database request you wish us to rectify anything of course you may.
  • Right of portability: We can export your account data to a third party at any time upon your request.

Any further questions please contact our Data Protection Officer at subject ‘My Data’.