The beautiful swimming lake at Combloux

New happy place x 2! Alpage Herney & The Biotope Lac

Restaurant, Alpage Herney

  • 45 minutes from Les Carroz. 1 hr 15 from Morzine
  • Recommended for families, families with babies, groups and couples
  • If we went again? We would not take our buggy ha ha 🙂
  • Link : Alpage Herney

Photo credit : Alpage Herney


We were in Les Carroz to prep the chalet for summer guests. The kids had been really well behaved, helpful even, making beds etc so we wanted to treat them…

Alpage Herney

Alpage Herney can be reached on foot or by a pre-requested (free) 4×4 shuttle. Due to baby sleeps etc we took the 4×4 which we loved. It is really bumpy and we had never been in a vehicle that can go up 30 degree hills, we have now! We met lots of hikers there who said that the hike up was also worth doing.

Alpage Herney was for us, idyllic, in the heart of the mountains, tranquil and with great views. The team who run it really know what they are doing ; from the website to the dessert our experience was as slick as it gets. The building is beautiful, the food Steph said was ‘possibly one of the best meals in my life’. We had the Menu and we recommend you to do, beignets are their speciality and they don’t come much better than this. The service was attentive, the beignets and salad kept coming and if they had a room we would have stayed we were that happy.

We tried to walk down with the buggy, we went through fields bouncing with grasshoppers as long as your finger which the kids loved however the terrain was too much for the buggy so with our tails between our legs we took the 4 x 4 back.

Biotope Lac

  • 45 minutes from Les Carroz. 1 hr 15 from Morzine
  • Recommended for families, families with babies, groups and couples
  • If we went again? Don’t follow Google Map at the end, it lead us up a path, which was fun but less than ideal!
  • Link : Biotope Lake

Photo credit : Le Dauphine

The Biotope lake is about 20 minutes from Alpage Henry so you can easily do both in one day. Effectively it is a lake with a swimming pool liner full of spring water, like swimming in a beautiful bottle of Evian!

The views are breathtaking with the snow of Mr Blanc in the background while you swim in 24 degrees water makes the experience extra magical.

For sure your could save yourself the small entrance fee and swim for free in the Passy Lake in the valley below which is equally as beautiful however you would be missing out of this first in France mixture of natural and man made beauty.

IF you do decide to go to Lake Passy we love the little lakes beyond called Lac Des Ilettes, both are worth visiting. While you are down there, there is the most excellent ‘voie verte’, these are dedicated cycle paths however that is another blog post!

Coming soon…

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Blog post on the dedicated cycle pistes on our area!