The first 2 weeks in January from the past 3 years

Secret beaches on coastal holidays, locals bars on city breaks, travel always has secrets and surprises to discover why would winter sports holidays be any different? Let’s talk about the first 2 weeks of January, the quietest weeks of the season, the snow seasons secret. This is when ski lift carparks are void of English number plates and full of locals number plates because they know and we know, this is the best time for winter sports.

Meet Roby, Roby is helping with some marketing this season. Like in most small businesses she is going to be wearing a few hats . I was saying to Roby there are 3 quiet weeks. The first 2 in January and the one before the Easter holidays. Roby who grew up skiing in her native Italy asked is that because there is not enough snow is January? To which I was surprised because it is the best of the season, heaven is January ski days on repeat. Then I thought could this be a popular misconception? Do others avoid January because they think the snow will be bad?

Why is January skiing the best?

  1. The pistes are at their quietest. January is a sort of no mans land between school holidays.
  2. The snow is at its best because it is generally a little cooler with the sun being lower in the sky so the snow stays fluffy and light I.e the snow that floats up into your jacket, the snow that you can clear with your breath like blowing out a candle, the snow that makes the world go quiet as it falls and muffles any noise, the snow that lets you study individual flakes as they land on you on a chair lift.
  3. A lot of people seem to have a strong dislike for January in the U.K where as we are at our best then.

So come see us in the first two week of January and like all guests that come then you are sure to come back! Winter availability