A Passion for Good Food

The food, oh the food, the catered in a catered chalet holiday.

Parma ham wrapped Fera
Salmon, green butter and melba toast.
Beetroot and goats cheese tarts

Our Standards

  1. To use local/seasonal produce/incorporate local dishes.
  2. Be interesting dishes that guests would not have at home.
  3. Look great on the plate.
  4. Be Nutritious, offer 3 portions of vegetables in the meal.
  5. Be filling, not too rich and delicious!
  6. Have a mass appeal.
  7. Practicably achievable.

Our Cooks

Our greatest achievement every season is the team that we select to run the chalets. More and more we are also now choosing chalet hosts and chefs with prior experience with other companies so they are not learning their trade during your holiday and rather come to serve you with a season’s worth of experience already. We also now recruit head chefs too to cook in our flagship chalet George in Morzine, here we give them a guided carte blanche to tantalise your taste buds.

Our Food History

It all started with Skiology brother Luke Turner and the legacy he set.

In year one, Luke (an experienced chef and graduate of the catering and hospitality school at Bournemouth University) and Dom ran a chalet together, essentially Luke did the catering and Dom did the service.

In year 2 as demand for Skiology grew it was clear that they were going to need another chalet and another Luke, so Luke trained Dom and found himself a girlfriend so that he could make an army of little Lukes to run future chalets.

In year 3 Dom ran a chalet with his wife to be (Steph), Luke wrote the menu and they leased a second chalet to provide more Skiology, operation replace Luke with 3 team members began.

Clodagh was their first employee and was awesome. Clodagh ran a chalet in Les Carroz for us taking guidance from Luke’s menu for the catering and Dom for the service. The feedback was monitored, comparing the feedback from when Luke and Dom had ran a chalet and Clodagh’s results. The results were great, double Skiology without comprise to the quality.

Demand grew again, so how to supply yet more Skiology? A business link was formed with Luke’s catering course and more cooks were sourced allowing for a third Skiology chalet, then more and more. Skiology is now at a size whereby not only do they source cooks from Luke’s original course, they also now work with some of the best catering schools in the UK and recruiters too.

Skiology Brother Luke still sets the menu in our set menu chalets every year. Luke uses local influences on the menu and changes 30% of it every year to keep it fresh for all of our repeat guests.



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