Les Carroz snow

Press quotes and other explanations.

    • The Mont Blanc weather system : “The microclimate between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc … generates very substantial snowfall”- Wikipedia
    • The North aspect of the slopes: “80 percent of the slopes are north facing, so hold the snow well”- Telegraph. North facing slopes means that the snow is held for longer due to less exposure to the sun. One can also generally add 300m of elevation to a North slope when comparing it to a Southerly facing slope due to the sun’s effect on Southerly slopes.
    • Ground under snow: A lot of the slopes in Les Carroz are built upon grassy fields in comparison to rock, fields need much less snow on top of them to allow one to ski freely down them.

Les Carroz snow vs Val D’Isere !

Contrarily to popular belief, altitude is not the only factor that makes a resort snow sure.

Les Carroz snow history

The historical snow graphs here constructed with data available from www.snow-forecast.com (you will need to subscribe) show that the upper slopes of Les Carroz are more snow sure than even Val D’Isere’s.

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It is worth mentioning that Val D’Isere was chosen as a comparison because it is the resort most visited by snow travellers from Britain, therefore it has more of a chance of being familiar and also it is higher than Les Carroz!

This comparison is by no means damning of Val D’Isere (we love it there)however hopefully it will make you think twice about dismissing a resort for being too low.