The Skiology Team

Lover of Star Wars, powder runs and all foods beginning with S.

Product director : Dom tries to spend as much of his time as possible making sure that our product is delivered sustainably and consistently. For example the cleanliness of our chalets. We have cleaning checklists to provide consistency and 80% of the products that we use are environmentally friendly so that we deliver sustainably too. Dom is the person in charge of implementing systems and ideas in line with our values. If you have an idea for developing our product please do let Dom know, if you are staying for a week he will pop by during the first few nights of your stay.

Sales & Marketing and finance director : As a small business owner Dom also keeps an eye that the numbers are going in the right direction, sustainably and consistently of course!

Internally to the company Dom is also in charge of health and safety.

Dom’s wife. Lover of family meals, organising and sparkly things.

Operations director : Head of the Skiology family, Steph’s time is increasingly being spent as mother to our family as our family increases in numbers! Steph is an incredible dotter of i’s and crosser of t’s as director of operations Steph oversees a lot of the details of your holiday from airport transfers to cots being ordered.

Internally Steph is also in charge of fairness within the team.

Dom’s brother founder and in charge of the menu. Lover of gully runs, plat du jour’s and M.Cing.

Food and beverage director : In line with guest feedback Luke annually reviews our menu for the set menu chalets. Annually re-developing 30% of it so that it is the menu is always up to date , fresh and keeps you coming back for more!

Celiac chef of the year, master baker and the most inline person with Skiology values that you will ever meet.

Office manager (Sales, operations, food and beverage) : Sophie is most likely the first person that you will speak to at Skiology. Sophie is in charge of selling you and your group the holiday that is right for you and managing the details like organising your transfers, lift pass etc

Effectively Sophie lines up a great holiday for you, that she has co-developed with Dom and Luke. Then hands over the delivery of the holiday to the in resort team such as your resort manager and chalet host.

Sophie has been on the team in various capacities for years, I am sure you must recognise her?… She is our longest serving chalet girl from our old Chalet Du Bois to Chalet Deux Freres, in fact she has covered in most of our chalets! She was also our Les Carroz resort and logistics Manager who would have picked you up from the airport, welcomed you into the van with hot chocolate, driven you safely and kept you entertained… you know Sophie!

2017 – 2018 Team

Tait and Charlotte are bringing  a lot of service experience to the team, most recently heading up a Kitesurfing lodge in Panama!


  1. What would your Mastermind subject be? Kitesurfing
  2. What do you WISH your Mastermind subject to be? Music, specifically to play piano.
  3. What is your party trick? I can make a flower out of a napkin.
  4. Top cooking tip? Make time to sharpen your knives.
  5. Top snow sport holiday tip? Make the most of first lifts in the morning when it’s quiet, peaceful and there’s hopefully fresh powder


  1. What would your Mastermind subject be? Aussie Rules Football.
  2. What do you WISH your Mastermind subject to be? Sports Science. I’d love to better understand the mechanics of the human body and training methods to extract its full potential.
  3. What is your party trick? Breaking the ice for everyone when the Karaoke starts.
  4. Top cooking tip? Always taste your food before serving.
  5. Top snow sport holiday tip? Look after your equipment and it’ll look after you.


Skiology mother Prue (inspiration, teacher and chief sales agent).

Inspiration – Mum is the inspiration behind Skiology’s passion for food and always makes sure we go back to the Alps with a doggy bag and handful of recipies to try.

Teacher – if it was not for Mum, Dom might still think that you can cook a burger in a toaster.

Chief sale agent – As years have gone by the contents of Mum’s handbag have gone from wetwipes and sweeties to Skiology flyers and business cards. Mum is hugely supportive of Skiology and lets face facts, if Mum was not proud of what we do then we would probably do something else !

For too long Dad has been AWOL from this page. It is safe to type, no Dad = no Skiology and not just biologically since he is our father! Having two creative sons can be likened to having a food processor without a lid on. As chief Skiology accountant Dad keeps the lid on it all and as an entrepreneur himself he both guides and teaches us. Dad falls nothing short of being our inspirational leader.
Raymond, a very successful G.M of 5 star hotels is always on hand for advice whether it be management, setting standards, translating, maintenance, the list is endless! Sue has a bottomless knowledge of how to keep the chalets looking tip top. If you see both Steph and Dom one evening then you know where Chloe will be, with Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you both for all your support.

Our hall of fame

Johnny, Chef

Alli, Chef/ Host

Louise, Chalet Manager

Alex & Jade, Cook & Host

Evie, Chef/ Host

Claudia, Resort Manager

Piers, Chalet Manger

Tom & Anita, Chef & Host

Bridget & Alex, Chef & Host

Oscar, Chef/ Host

Jack, Chef/ Host

Emma & Nick, Chef & Host.

Rupert & Jo, Chef & Host.

Seb, Resort Manager

Sam, Resort Manager

Llewelyn, Chef

Liv, Host

Amy, Chef

Maddie & Dave, Hosts

Kate, Chef/ Host

Ashley, Chef/Host

Chris, Chef

Gideon, Manager’s assistant

Heather, Chef/ Host

Sandy, Chef/ Host

Clodagh, Skiology founding member, Resort manager

Rose, Chef/Host

Grace, Manager’s assistant

Jamie, Chef/ Host

Mitch, Chef/ Host

Kelly, Chef/ Host

Louis, Driver/ Managers assistant


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Team positions

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