Company culture

We believe in continually developing a better product and lifestyle.

We should probably start with what does company culture mean? It is the beliefs and behaviours of a company. So what do we believe…

We believe in developing– particularly in line with guests needs.

As a company, we are in a constant state of development. We pick a subject each season and make this the focus of our development. Previously we have focused on food, service, and cleanliness.

From a team point of view, we will set goals for you and ask you to set goals for yourself. We have had some great successes over the years.

Having a welcoming attitude to feedback is key to both personal and company development.

Team personal development successes

Development at it’s core is about setting a goal and being accountable for achieving it. So in the weekly meeting we simply ask you to set a personal goal, then review it with you the following week.

  • Chef Tom learnt to speak French.
  • Host Alex completed his trick list.
  • Cook Bridget went vegan!
  • Host Aneta learnt to ski.
  • Manager Piers hit the gym.

We believe in a better lifestyle.

You will benefit like our guests do from nutritionally balanced meals, butcher chosen meat, organic wine etc. Another example is that we will coach you to finish quicker in the morning so that you get more time on the mountain – we all need a good work/mountain balance!

We believe in fostering 6/5 behaviour.

Not just to our guests but to each other. When you tell your manager that you will have to sit on the other side of the room at your weekly meeting because you have a cold and they turn up with freshly squeezed orange juice for you, that is 6/5 behaviour.

We believe in acting professionally and respectfully.

It goes without saying. We don’t want to finish the season looking like we have been locked in a mountain cabin for the season. Our goal is to finish the season as strong as we start and to not let little things become big things.

If you believe that something is unfair, call for a pit-stop and lets take time to correct. From a brand point of view, fairness and equality is something really close to the director’s hearts – evident with charities that we work with.


A day in the life of

What to expect when you are working in one of our chalets.

Breakfast Service: 8.00- 09.00: Your working day will begin at 7:15am , dressed and ready to go (earlier if it has snowed and a path needs to be cleared). Once at the chalet we tidy up the communal areas and prep for breakfast. Then we prepare hot drinks to take to the guests doors before we serve breakfast.

Breakfast almost all of the time is served at 08:00 however we do allow 30mins flexibility in either direction to suit our guest’s needs. During breakfast, if in a set menu chalet, boiled eggs and porridge are served every day plus a daily different hot option (chalet dependent) such as pancakes. We serve breakfast and prep for dinner. Once guests have left; the chalet clean down starts, servicing rooms, making and laying out afternoon tea etc. To begin with, you may finish around 12.00am but once you are in the swing of things, our team tend to finish around 11.00am.

Mountain Time: Shred the gnar!!! All that we ask is that when you arrive back off the mountain you are correctly dressed, in a state to work and in an area of un-comprisable hygiene (i.e showered).

Dinner Service: 19:30pm : The guests will expect you to be at the chalet from 17:30- earlier if you’re serving children’s high tea. Then continue from the morning with your prep for dinner. Clear away afternoon tea and lay the table for dinner. Dinner service is 19:30, kids dinner is 18.00 if applicable. We encourage you to join your guests for meals if requested. The kitchen is cleaned down, dishwasher turned on, bins emptied, floor mopped and bid farewell to guests! Perhaps taking a jam jar of wine for the road.

Meet Past Team Members

Meet Jack. He is one of many amazing Skiologists who we have be lucky to have on our team over the years (Jack headed up Chalet La Roche three years on the trot!). There is no chocolate fondant too hard, no kicker too high or guest request too much for our Jack! We may have lost him this year to the corporate world of PR but he left a baton of advise for the next team members to pick up and run with! Thank you Jack 🙂


  1. Spend half an hour and do your linen cupboard once a week as you will not be able to keep it tidy and organised on a Sunday- don’t even try.
  2. Empty and properly clean your fridge on a Sunday, don’t just wipe around things. Guests will use your fridge and leave stuff in there. You will get commented on how clean your fridge is (if you keep it clean). Cover/wrap any food and keep an eye on your vegetable draw.
  3. Keep the area around your washing machine tidy. Guests will use your washing machine and tumble dryer without asking. Expect it.
  4. Melted snow and ice from guests skis and snowboards will make its way under the seals of your linen cupboard. Don’t leave stuff on the floor.
  5. Skiers and snowboarders in general don’t like each other (not personal, just business) … make it light hearted humour with your guests if they do the opposite to you. They love the banter.
  6. If you lose the allen key for the shower gel dispensers in the bathrooms, fear not! Unscrew the current placed bottle and pour in some from a new bottle (surprising how long it took me to think of that idea- I never bothered trying to find an alan key after that).
  7. For goodness sake keep your toilet rolls filled in the bathrooms so guests don’t have to ask for toilet roll. Nothing more awkward than a guest asking for toilet rolls so you know what’s about to go down in the toilet next door.
  8. Wash your white rug once a fortnight (Chalet La Roche & L’isiere). Yes it will fit in the washing machine (1 at a time) and it will be washed and dry before new guests arrive on a Sunday. It looks much cleaner once washed and parents appreciate a clean rug with young children/babies around.
  9. Have spare batteries for the Wii remotes. You’ll be surprised how fast they drain if they aren’t used.
  10. If you tell guests your going to find something out or if they request you get something … follow it up. False promises are worse than stupidity.

Jack’s Top 5: In Morzine

  • Satellite is the one. Paul and Sally are the loveliest people and the coffee is the best i’ve ever had.
  • Wednesday is for Mama’s takeaway. Don’t bother trying to cook. Chang Mai noodles is up there.
  • Cavern is decent on a Monday. Paradis is decent after 1am.  Bec Jaune is your main boy – owner, staff, food, beer and atmosphere are all top marks.
  • Restaurant? Go to L’Etale and have Pierres Chaud Royale … every time you go. You don’t need to try anything else- you’ll just be disappointed you didn’t get it.

Jack’s Top 5: On the mountain

  • Can of coke on a hangover at 7.30am is literally the red ambulance.
  • If you’re a little scared of riding powder, go to happy valley, off pisted green runs basically.
  • Once the season is in full swing, make the effort and go to Mont Chery once a week. Park shapers are the best in PDS after Super Chatel.
  • Go up Point de Nyon on a clear day. Best view in PDS.
  • Happy hours is essential for a beer.

Team positions

Chalet couple, Morzine.

Running a chalet each, next door to each other (La Roche & L’isiere) just 490m from the pistes.

Maintenance, Logistics/ Driver

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Chalet couple. Chalet manager and host.

Chalet George, sleeps 14, just 240m from the lifts.

Chalet couple. Cook & host, Morzine

For chalet Grand Sapin, sleeps 11+, just 246m from the lifts.

Resorts manager - Resort XXXX

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Chalet couple. Cook & host, Les Carroz

This is where the text for your Feature Box should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

If you are interested and feel that you can continue our legacies of “Chalets with the best chefs” – Food & Travel magazine & “Top 50 chalets in the Alps” – Telegraph, please get in touch.

Kindly note that we get 100s of applicants per position however we will always respond to you if your application is specific to why you want to work for us out of all the tour operators. Please email your C.V, current photo and covering letter to, with the subject : Pick me

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