Ski Green

Our stats: 12,872 Trees protected, 13,945 Tonnes of CO2 stored.

The average household in the UK has a carbon footprint of 6 tonnes, we off set the carbon footprint of each chalet by 10 times this amount as a minimum!

How do we protect 1,000,000 square ft of rain-forest ?

Every year we have a utilities budget. Whatever we save from it we give..

  • 60% to CoolEarth who use the money to protect trees in the rain-forest. CoolEarth is a very efficient charity for offsetting carbon emissions because they…
  1. Protect huge existing trees rather than replanting whereby you have to wait for the trees to grow to have any effect.
  2. Protect trees in the equatorial rain-forest whereby due to their proximity to the sun, the trees sequest a greater amount of carbon.
  3. Pay indigenous locals to protect the trees which has the dual benefit of keeping indigenous tribes in work and also paying them a fair wage.
  • 40% invest in energy saving tools for the chalets such as energy saving light bulbs, re-insulating loft space with wool, double glazing etc

How do we save on our energy bills?

Awareness seems to have the greatest effect. We let the team know of our intentions to save energy costs both through our investments in energy saving tools and their contribution.

How our team save on our energy bills.

  • Being aware the main cost is heating, whether it is heating the chalet or creating hot water.
  • Rinse plates before they go in the dishwasher with the cold tap
  • If you are only having one cup of tea, boil the water for one cup of tea.
  • Learn how long it takes your oven to heat up. Rather than follow the recipe when it says stick your oven on 180, don’t just put it on, think when you will need it for.
  • Put similar thing in the same place in the freezer every time so you reduce the amount of time with the door open
  • Turn the speakers off if not being used
  • Sweep when possible rather than hoover
  • Re-cycle
  • Turn lights out
  • When a bulb blows replace it with an energy saving bulb
  • Alerting management of any drips


So far we protect 1,000,000 square ft of rain-forest!

Further environmental contributions..

  • Where available we buy as much local and seasonal produce as we can
  • We recycle a lot!
  • Subject to availability, which is most of the time, we use environmental cleaning products
  • All our uniform is fair trade

Essentially we are a very nice company who don’t believe in bull dozing our way to the top of the ski industry, we would rather get there knowing that no-one was harmed in the creation of your Skiology holiday. Here we would like to mention that this is at no extra cost to you. We don’t believe in enforcing our views on others :)