About us

A passion for good food, service with care, delivered sustainably – The Turner Brothers concept

[Ski-ohlo-gee] meaning: Defined by our repeat guests.

Here at Skiology we are all about one thing, you. To be more specific we are all about you coming back as a repeat guest. Our repeat guest rate is the heart beat of Skiology it is how we judge how we are doing.

Skiology was created around our perception of your needs and through your feedback, Skiology is often adjusted to create a product that is more in line with your actual needs than our perception of them. It is no coincidence that the name Skiology sounds like an art or a science.

Our offering is essentially simple, a catered chalet. To inspect the two parts…


Food is very important on a sports orientated holiday, it is essentially your delicious, nutritious fuel so we use a chef to write our menu, a nutritionist to balance the menu, local suppliers to fulfil the menu and experienced cooks to provide the menu. Recruiting the right people is core to Skiology. We invest a lot of time and money to get the right people on board. Sometime our cooks are from our catering and hospitality schools partners such as Bournemouth UniversityTante Marie,Lausanne Hotel School or Orchards cookery school, sometimes they are experienced chefs from famous pubs/restaurants/hotels or sometimes they have simply proven themselves working a season for another company. Read more about the catered in catered chalet here.


We run chalets that have great piste access as we know from our guests that this is priority number 1, location, location location.

Our offering would perhaps be a little dry if it were as simple as catered+chalet=Skiology since there is no mention of service. This is perhaps best described on the service ‘by Skiology’ page.